Fixed Rate Loans

Inter Capital Commercial Finance originates, places and processes over one billion annually of fixed rate loans. Although Fixed Rate loans are a staple of the mortgage industry, many opportunities exist for negotiation on mortgage lending terms, especially interest rates, loan-maturity and prepayment penalties. Because of our deep relationships with lenders, Inter Capital can provide the best fixed interest rates and additional terms in the industry. Borrowers can feel secure knowing that the rate will not change throughout the entire term of the loan.

Construction Loans

Inter Capital has provided financing for the construction of approximately 3,500,000 square feet of commercial properties including condominiums, rental housing, tract development, office and retail centers. Typically, Construction Loans are short-term loans utilized by borrowers to finance building costs. Every construction loan varies depending on the product, the length of the construction process, and the borrower’s experience. Inter Capital can help builders find the best source, rate and term for these often critical loans.

Floating Rate Loans

A floating rate loan is typically indexed to the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), which tracks and approximates the Federal Funds rate. Many recent borrowers have chosen floating rate loans to take advantage of the historically low interest rates of the past few years. Floating rate loans often feature minimal or no prepayment penalties. They are particularly attractive to buyers with a two to four year financing horizon, such as acquisition of a property going though a reposition or a turnaround. Inter Capital can help borrowers exploit these flexible structures for their immediate short-term utility or as an astute means of strengthening their long-term strategy.

Mezzanine Loans

Whether it be structured as partnership debt, or preferred equity, a mezzanine loan can be an integral component for a real estate owner or developer in many diverse circumstances. The mezzanine typically equals the difference between the first mortgage lending amount and 95% of the purchase price. Inter Capital has vast experience in evaluating options for our borrowers in this increasingly utilized loan product for a variety of real estate transactions.

Bridge Loans

Inter Capital through its affiliate Inter Capital Direct provides immediate closings. All types of short-term financing can be accessed for complex or challenging situations in terms of both timing and product, designed to be paid back relatively quickly, such as by a subsequent longer-term loan, bridge loans can be a key component in a long-term strategy for real estate borrowers. Inter Capital is the source for Bridge Loans and can help borrowers understand all the nuances and conditions as well as plan for the future.

Renovation / Repositioning

Similar to a construction loan, a renovation loan may involve financing for the specific purpose of upgrading an existing property in order to project the desired image of a product or service to the market. Inter Capital lending professionals are able to help borrowers present their renovation program to the right lending source and to plan and consummate transactions in a timely fashion, with the best rates and terms available.